Friday, 20 July 2018

What a wonderful class

For the last time... hello everybody!

It is usually at the start of a blog I say something like 'oo hasn't this week gone by quickly' but this time it is oo hasn't this year flown by!! It really doesn't seem like a school year has been and gone already and it feels like just 5 minutes ago we had a class of small, wide eyed children creeping into the class for their first day. How things can change in just a few months! We now have a class of confident, clever, funny and very entertaining big children who are all ready for Year 1.
It has been an absolute pleasure to have each and every one of the children in our class and we hope they have enjoyed being in RL as much as we have enjoyed teaching them.
Both Miss Latham and I would like to say an enormous thank you for the presents and cards, we are very lucky indeed! They will be happily drunk/eaten/placed around our houses to remind us of the children. Thank you.
There isn't much more to say other than a quick apology for not blogging last week, unfortunately I missed some Superstars BUT they are included at the end of this blog.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of our teddy bears picnic but most of all Miss Latham and I hope you all have a wonderful summer holidays. Don't forget you can pop by the class anytime to say hello.

for the last time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 29 June 2018

From caterpillars to BUTTERFLIES

Hello everybody!
What a beautiful week it has been! Thank you for everyone who has sent in sun creams, sunhats and water for their children. An extra thank you to those of you who have named them all, the children do like to spread their items around so it's super helpful. Talking naming items, could you possibly check jumpers and cardigans as quite a few of the names have washed out. Thank you :)

This week has been very exciting.. Our caterpillars have hatched out of their cocoons into beautiful butterflies! We had a great time releasing them into the quad. One even stopped to say goodbye, I hope you like the pictures..

Of course we have to say congratulations to this weeks SUPERSTAR, well done!

until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 22 June 2018

Caterpillar invasion

Hello everybody

We have been invaded by caterpillars this week! We have read about them, watched them, drawn them, written about them, collaged them and painted them. We even got our own in class this week that are already starting to make their own cocoons. It's terribly exciting!

We have another GOLDEN TICKET winner!! Well done!

And of course there was superstar assembly.. There were two children in the running this week and they simply could not be picked between. SO we had them both! Congratulations you two!

Just a quick reminder, there is going to be sports day practise this week so please make sure any pumps have been swapped and the children have sun cream or sun hats. As always PLEASE make sure that anything brought into school is clearly named.
Talking clearly named items, please can you make sure any water bottles brought into school are clearly named. They are all kept together in a box so may get jumbled up or confused with someone else's if not named.
Thank you.

until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 15 June 2018

Is there a doctor in the house?

Hello everybody!
I am afraid it's just a quickie this week, we have been super busy getting used to our new class routine. You may of heard talk about jellyfish, seahorses and starfish, don't worry we aren't turning into the sealife centre, they are our new class groups. They all take turns doing different activities and we rotate throughout the day. Sounds simple doesn't it. It is but it does take a bit of time to get used to who should be doing what and when so I am afraid I haven't had much time to snap photos. I did manage to get a few of our new 'doctors surgery' in action, I hope you like them.
Sadly there aren't any GOLDEN TICKET winners this week but congratulations go to this weeks Superstar, well done!

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 25 May 2018

Sunshine and holidays

Hello everybody

This week started with a fun role play area where the children acted out their own Royal wedding, complete with knights and organists.

The beautiful weather has drawn most of the children outside where there has been a lot of outdoor fun and games, the tents were a popular choice as were the building tools, I think most of the outdoor area has been 'fixed' now!

Apologies go to the parents of children who visited the digging and mud kitchen, despite our efforts to keep them clean (I promise wellies and protective clothing were provided) they still managed to get themselves looking like they had been down a mine.. But they had LOTS of fun digging for worms!

We have enjoyed watching the chicks in their outside pen but have now had to say goodbye. It is very sad but every day they get bigger and they are getting a bit too big to keep in school now (and a bit too fast to easily catch) so they are going back to their farm. Who knows, they may lay eggs for us to hatch next year!

I don't know how I have managed to contain myself so far but I am very pleased to announce we have GOLDEN TICKET winners this week! YEAYYYYYYY!!!! Not just a couple, oh no, like buses we have waited for ages and now six have turned up. SIX! HURRAH!! Congratulations go to them all but a super congratulations go to the children who are on their SECOND GOLDEN TICKET!

Of course congratulations also go to this weeks superstar, well done for trying so hard with your reading.

I think that just about wraps it up for this week. Have a wonderful (& hopefully sunny) holiday and we shall see you next term.

until next time
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

Friday, 18 May 2018

Chicks and peas

Hello everybody
Another week has flown by in the world of class RL!

We have been maypole dancing again in P.E. and trying out more ball skills. I could hear Mr Airnes telling everyone their balls are their best friends and to keep them close. By the sounds of it most had BFF balls but there were a few run aways, dribbling is a tricky skill!
Of course there was a visit from the P.E. Fairy, her job is getting very hard now, the children have been making a fantastic effort to keep all their own clothes together and to fold them all neatly :)

In 'chick watch' the chicks have been rapidly growing and aren't little yellow fluffy things any more. They are developing their coloured feathers and are getting quite speedy at running, they have even tried flapping their wings. It has been quite fun during chick circle time! (Not so much fun trying to catch them though)

Unfortunately 'tadpole watch' is still, well, not very exciting.. They are still tadpoles, still swimming around and still not quite as exciting as chicks.

Our class carrots are growing lots of roots, no sign of an actual carrot yet but we are still hopeful, ooo and talking of growing we have all planted our own peas this week! Not everybody was happy being green fingered "my hands arent green, they are dirty" was the quote of the day.

Today the children have been learning about the Royal Family in preparation for Harry and Megan's wedding tomorrow, amongst other things they have looked at Royal castles, weddings and even made their own flags to wave.

It is lovely to see people have been reading lots this week, I am REALLY looking forward to GOLDEN TICKET ASSEMBLY on Monday, we now have quite a few GOLDEN TICKET winners lined up.... YEAYYY!!!!

Talking winners, a big congratulations goes to this weeks Superstar, well done!

I think that's about it for now, I am off to try and get the pictures to work. Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

p.s. Apologies for any wonky or not quite right photographs, I've had a little bit of trouble trying to get them made & put on here.. Hopefully everything is showing up all tickety boo

Friday, 11 May 2018

Music, maypoles and CHICKS

Hello everybody!
A short and sweet week for us all this week but as jam packed as any other. We have been serenaded whilst we played and worked with the musical instruments that were brought into class. The children have thoroughly enjoyed banging crashing and singing on the 'stage' we built. Think we may have a few pop divas in the making.. I'll look out for them on MTV in a few years...
Then there was much excitement over the maypole having new ribbons so of course we had a little dance. As always the P.E. fairy popped by to check if clothes had been folded together neatly on the desks. It's surprising how the clothes manage to (mostly) stay with their owners when there's a chance she might pop by with a sprinkle of fairy dust..
One of the most fun (but very quiet) things this week was circle time.. The little chicks came to join the children and check out all the faces that have been staring at them in their pen all week.
Well done to everyone who has been keeping up with reading, the next GOLDEN TICKET assembly is looking like it might be a good one for class RL... Exciting!

Finally, last but not least, congratulations go to not one but TWO superstars this week, well done!!

Until next week
Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis

oooooooo I almost forgot!
Huge CONGRATULATIONS go to Mrs Sheehan for the arrival of her teeny tiny baby girl, we can't wait to see her :)

What a wonderful class

For the last time... hello everybody! It is usually at the start of a blog I say something like 'oo hasn't this week gone by quickly...